Local Subspace-Based Outlier Detection using Global Neighbourhoods


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Outlier detection in high-dimensional data is a challenging yet important task, as it has applications in, e.g., fraud detection and quality control. State-of-the-art density-based algorithms perform well because they 1) take the local neighbourhoods of data points into account and 2) consider feature subspaces. In highly complex and high-dimensional data, however, existing methods are likely to overlook important outliers because they do not explicitly take into account that the data is often a mixture distribution of multiple components. We therefore introduce GLOSS, an algorithm that performs local subspace outlier detection using global neighbourhoods. Experiments on synthetic data demonstrate that GLOSS more accurately detects local outliers in mixed data than its competitors. Moreover, experiments on real-world data show that our approach identifies relevant outliers overlooked by existing methods, confirming that one should keep an eye on the global perspective even when doing local outlier detection.